I’m Ellie.

My favorite food is broccoli (seriously).

I was a touring musician until I gave up the rocker life to pursue a career in the culinary arts. The shift in my professional trajectory left me more and more concerned as I became aware of the volume of food waste and overuse of animal products in the restaurant industry, so I finally decided to branch out on my own with Ghost Vegan.

My process is simple: follow the flavors the Earth gives us. Dirt is the deity from which deliciousness is born. It’s not about eliminating animal products, it’s about tasting something so delectable we forget they were ever a factor.

I launched Ghost Vegan in the fall of 2019 with the vision of serving folks gourmet, plant-centric comfort food that everyone—regardless of dietary persuasion—would love. The pandemic shut down my dreams as it did so many of my peers, but I’m working hard to feed all the conscientious foodies in Nashville!

I hope to share a stalk of my favorite leafy green with y’all soon.